The official rules for the SGV Hosted Events are the same as the CIF High School and except as noted below:
1) Please read the schedule carefully. Teams that do not show up for Monday games will not be invited back.
2) All teams are guaranteed to play two (2) games on Saturday and two (2) games on Sunday. 
3) Championship, Second, Third, and Shootout games will be played on Monday. There are also Semi-Final games.
1) Players may play for one team/one organization only. Exception: Players can play for two teams in the same 
2) Players from the same org CANNOT play on two teams in the same grade/age division. 
Ex: 1 player cannot play in the 8 Gold and 8 Silver.
3) Org teams MUST have 7 solo-players and a limit of 3 multi-team players on one roster.
4) Please ensure you have enough solo-players to start each game, in the event of overlapping games.
5) SGV offers up to 5 or 6 games each tournament.  Playing on 2 teams is very tiring and can be unhealthy.
1) All teams will arrive 1.5 hours BEFORE your first game for Team Registration.
2) SGV WILL delay the start of your first game if your team is not properly certified.
3) Teams that have issues during the registration process WILL NOT be invited to future events.
4) Players DO NOT need to be present during the certification process.
High School students ARE NOT eligible for SGV events in 8th Grade and Lower Divisions.
Teams that have registration issues at Check-In and/or are accused of illegal players WILL NOT be invited to future 
SGV events.
1) All girls MUST qualify under the same eligibility rules as boys.
2) Girls MUST play in their official grade level.
3) There will be a limit of 2 girls per team.
All games should have two officials.  If only one is present, the game will start regardless at the scheduled time.
All teams are invited to our events. DO NOT allow other groups/teams to play under your name.
1) SGV has a ZERO TOLERANCE RULE for Unsportsmanship Like Behavior.
2) Teams that exhibit bad sportsmanship will not be invited to future SGV events.
3) Teams may be removed from the event.
1) All divisions will be 2-14 minute Stop Time halves.
2) Each overtime will be 2-minutes STOP TIME. 
3) There will be a sudden death period after two overtimes.
4) One additional timeout for each overtime period. Timeouts are not cumulative. 
5) NO sudden death for Championship Games. Timeouts are not Cumulative.
1) Any team that forfeits a scheduled game WILL NOT be invited to future SGV events.
2) Please remember that SGV events are attended by many "Out of Town" teams that want to play games.
3) A forfeit MAY be declared [by the gym supervisor] if a team fails to appear with at least five (5) eligible players at 
game time; fifteen to zero (15-0) shall be the recorded score.
1) Game clock becomes running time when the point spread is 20 points or more (SECOND HALF ONLY).
2) When the point spread narrows to 15 points or less, the clock will revert to stop time.
1) Two way ties are determined by head to head.
2) In case of a three way tie, the team with the most points +/- 15 points is declared the top team.
3) The team with the next most points is declared second, and the team with the third most points is declared third.
4) Point totals from all games will be counted.
a) If a three way tie remains after the tie breaker, the “least points scored against” will be used (First Half ONLY).
b) If a three way tie remains, the “most points scored” will be used (First Half ONLY)
1) When shooting free throws, the players may enter the lane on the release.
2) One and One Bonus on the 10th foul, NO DOUBLE BONUS.
3) Three (3) Forty-Second (40) time outs.
4) The 10-second count is in effect.
5) Only two coaches per team can sit on the bench (There may be exceptions).
6) The head coach is the only person that can approach the score table. 
1) The Head Coach is responsible for the conduct of his/her spectators and athletes. 
2) IF there is an ejection, the Head Coach will be asked to remove the ejected person(s) from the facility.
3) If a Team Coach, Assistant Coach, Athlete, or spectator/parent is ejected from a game, he/she may be suspended
for ONE FULL GAME (the following game) and will not be allowed on the property. 
4) It is also the responsibility of the Coach, Assistant Coach, or Team/Parent Representative to insure the ejected 
adult or athlete does not enter the property of the facility. 
5) The SGV Tournament reserves the right to remove any coach, player, or spectator from the facility for 
inappropriate behavior.
6) Teams may also be removed from the tournament with no refunds. The Head Coach will be responsible for any 
damages incurred to the facilities or property used by the athletes.
1) Any questions pertaining to the eligibility of a player or team shall be directed to the Gym Supervisor and 
Referees BEFORE the start of the game by the HEAD COACH ONLY and noted on the score sheet. 
2) Protests regarding officials or scorekeepers WILL NOT be allowed. "Third Party Protests" WILL NOT be allowed. 
A $50 fee MUST accompany all protests. 
3) The fee will be refunded if protest is valid. Officials' decisions will be final. All must have all documents in your 
possession in the event of a protest.
1) The following is the SGV Refund Policy:
2) 7-14 Days BEFORE:  NO REFUND
3) 14 Days BEFORE:  50% REFUND
4) If payment was not received, teams must pay penalty before our next event. 
1) Scoresheets will be completed by the Team Representative or Coach 30 minutes before the start of the game.
2) Scoresheet will include player name and jersey number.
1) The HOME TEAM shall provide the game ball. If both teams cannot agree on a game ball, an alternate ball as 
chosen by tournament/gym supervisors will be used.
2) Boys divisions 6th Grade and above will play with a 29.5" basketball.
3) Boys divisions 5th Grade and lower will play with a 28.5" basketball.
4) All girls divisions will play with a 28.5" basketball.
1) The HOME team shall wear white or light colored uniforms and the VISITING team shall wear dark uniforms.
2) The HOME team shall sit to the left of the score table and take the opposite basket for pregame warm-up and 
first-half play. 
3) The VISITING team is the second team listed on the schedule [right side]. 
4) The Home team is listed first on the schedule [left side].
5) The Home team shall be listed on the top side of the online schedule.
1) If there are benches on both sides of the court, the teams shall sit on the bleachers closest to their team.
2) If there are benches on one side of the court only:
     a) The spectators of the team that is siting on the closest side to the bleachers will sit next to the team and,
     b) The spectators with the team that is sitting on the far side of the court will sit on the farther side.
Each of the rostered players and coaches MUST covered by a proper accident policy of insurance.
1) All players and coaches must be listed on the team waiver form and parents must sign the form before 
participation in this tournament. 
2) These forms MUST be submitted during Team Registration before participation.
3) It is the responsibility of the Coach and Team Representative to insure that all participants are officially registered 
and verify that the athletes, parents, coaches, spectators, and volunteers are completely aware and have been 
advised that they will waive all claims against the San Gabriel Valley Basketball Club, Inc., together with their 
affiliated clubs, their respective administrators, directors, agents, coaches, and other employees or volunteers of the 
organizations; event officials; medical personnel; other participants, their parents, guardian(s), supervisors and 
coaches; sponsoring agencies; sponsors; advertisers; and, if applicable, owners, lessors, and lessees of premises.